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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Meet Our New Roommate.

Life is still super crazy around here. I have have a huge project for my graphic design class due tomorrow, so today I'm busy working on that. I hope to get some time tonight, though, to finally unpack, make some scrappy things, and cat-safe my room. What? Cat safe? Oh, right. We got a cat! It belongs to the two brothers that I live with, it's seven weeks old, and we don't have a name for her yet. (I would LOVE to hear any suggestions you have for naming her!) I just met her about 12 hours ago, and I'm so in love with the little pumpkin. She's freaking adorable. Want to meet her, too? Okay:
 Here she is. She's spotted on her right side and striped on her left. :)
 She's ridiculously playful. She thinks all feet are toys. Thankfully, her bites and claws don't hurt yet. Ha.
 She is TINY. She was the runt of the litter. She's about the size of a beanie baby (I kid you not!). For a size comparison, that futon bar is 7 inches off the ground. Yeah. Tiny. And adorable.
 This is her chair. She has claimed it in the living room. :)

I just can not tell you how absolutely thrilled I am to have this little, adorable, sweet kitty around. I'll try not to overload you with kitty pictures and stories over the next couple weeks, but I don't know if I can resist.

Leave ideas for names if any come to mind. The boys want to name her Miss Nezbit (from Toy Story) or  Nezzy for short. I'm not to crazy about that name, so let's come up with something better! Haha. If we use the name that you suggest, I'll send you a sweet prize (cat and cat hair not included). Hehe.

Promise to be back to regularly scheduled programing tomorrow.



LouDotMac said...

That kitty is ADORABLE!! Jealous much Brit!!

You gotta gotta gotta name her something like.. ginger related. Ginger cats are my absolute fave!

How about.. Solar or.. Flame.. orrr Pumpkin. LOL. I don't think the boys will be too fond of those suggestions, but damn, what the hell!!

Hope you are well, and manage to get your project completed! :)

Lou. xo

downtheroad said...

Cute Cute Cute!!! I want a kitty now. :) As for names...hmm...CoCo? Cappuccino? Moose? Names are so hard! When we got our dog we drew names out of a hat, but I chose Lucy at last minute. Have fun!

Natasha said...

Hey Brit,
Aw she's just ADORABLE!!! I love them when they're so tiny, too!
The first name I thought of when I saw her was 'Mitten', but that may be because of the weather and the fact it rhymes with "kitten"... But I think it's pretty cute!

The other name was Fudge, going with the colour-theme. I named my baby guinea-pig Fudge and she was yellow (!) and also gorgeous :-)

Have fun with her!

Tasha x

China said...

I love cats so don´t worry about telling stories about her!My sis suggests "Felicia", "Allegra". Hope you like some of them! :o)

Christiana said...

Aw, she is a cutie! I think Missus Nezbit is hilarious! But then, we just saw Toy Story 3 yesterday.

I think Pumpkin is sweet, since she's orange AND you got her on Thanksgiving weekend.

I've wanted an orange kitty for a while. When we were little, we had one named Orange Peel Hawkeye Superkitty. But that's probably too long for this lil 'bit. ;o)

How about Marzipan? Or Sassafras (nn Sassy)? Jupiter? She's just a little drop, after all.

Let's see... Rowena? Trixie? Marmelade? Cordelia? She has red hair -- Anne wanted to be Cordelia.

What about naming her after your favorite scrap collection? Basic Grey has a new one called Marjolane. That could be cute. Jolie for short.

My five-year old son Dominic LOVES cats. Among his stuffed kitties are Maggie, Blossom, Ginger, Tinker, Pouncer, and Toby.

Whatever you name her, it's sure to be darling!

Christiana said...

I'll toss one more out there. When we lived in Africa we had an orange kitty (I'm partial to orange kitties :o) and her name was Josefina, nn Fina. Like Fee-na.

Barb said...

Just look at that sweet face!!! I LOVE her! I have a cat too, Brit and he is the best EVER! His name is Murphy. I have a hard time coming up with girl names, but when I look at that adorable little thing, I keep thinking of "Pixie." Have fun coming up with her name and don't worry about boring us with photos and stories. . . .I'll love them all! Good luck on the project for your graphic design class. Hugs!:)

Natasha said...

Hi Brit, me again!
I thought of another one: Toffee :-)
Another pretty 'cute' name, but she looks very cute! But a more 'grown up' name that's also nice is 'Ella'.

Okay enough from me!

Tasha x

Sue McRae said...

Your kitty is soooo sweet! She will love December and all the gift wrap, ribbon and bows that go along with it. She will be in kitty heaven with all those playthings.

Don't forget to consider her personality in the naming process :)
How about Freckles, Marmalade, Peaches, Penny, Chloe, Zoey.