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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How many times do I have to tell you?

Time: please slow down. I have too much to do and not enough time to do it in.

And yes, I know. I'm sitting here making a blog post when I could be working on the seven hundred million things I have to do, but I need my creative time, darn it!

So yesterday on my way back to Minnesota from Wisconsin, my mom took a wrong turn and we ending up going by a Tuesday Morning. Thanks to this post, I knew they sold scrapbooking stuff, so I asked if we could stop. We did, and I spent tooooo much money. Disclaimer: If you know what's good for you, don't go to Tuesday Morning.

Regardless, here's what I got- I was pretty impressed with the great bargains I got:

An AMM Tote 3 Shoulder bag: Sooooo many pockets, the sides are sturdy- this is going to be wonderful for crops and just bringing scrapbooking stuff places where I want to work on a project. My mom loved it, too- she said she was going to steal it. :)

Original Price: 44.99
Tuesday Morning Price: 17.99

AC Pattern Paper Celebrate Collection (because I need more paper... ha.) Well, I already have lots of AC cardstock in these types of carriers, why not have more?

Original Price: 19.99
Tueday Morning Price: 5.99

AC Cardstock in Blueberry- 25 8.5 by 11 sheets. Any ideas for how to use this? I'm thinking mini album...

Original Price: 5.99
Tuesday Morning Price: 1.99

Scenic Route Salem Product Kit- 20 Patterned Papers, 1 sheet of diecuts, 1 sheet of Alpha stickers (the real reason I bought the kit, admittedly), 1 sheet of accent stickers, 2 sheets of printed chipboard, 20 paper leaves, and 20 black brads. Of course, it's halloween-themed, but what sold me is the paper that doesn't have a theme- mostly stars and circles. Oh, and the price.

Original Price: 34.99
Tueday Morning Price: 2.99

Okay, so maybe I wasn't that bad... I got some really great deals.

A couple other things:

I got a Hero Arts order in the mail yesterday- yum! And I love the arrow stamp they included as an extra gift. I can't stand behind Hero Arts enough- their customer service is top notch, and so is the quailty of their products. I would buy every single one of their stamps if I had the money just to support such a great company.

By the way, I wanted to again mention how much in love with the BG Wisteria line I am. Give me a million packs of that, and I'll never buy patterned paper again. Seriously. (Okay, maybe not...)

Here's another 52Q card that I finished this morning- I really like it.

Supplies: CS- Bazzill (blue and white) and The Paper Studio (Black), PP- Basic Grey, Vellum- The Paper Studio, Markers- ZIG

That reminds me- one of my goals this week (or soon) is to go through all of my posts and add tags so that you can see all of my like projects in one place. I think that would be nice.

Now, for some links that have been open in my browser forever that I can't just seem to close:
1.This dress from Anthropologie... I hadn't really looked around the site until yesterday, and now I'm seriously considering only buying clothes from Anthropolgie for the rest of my life. Seriously.
2. Label Tulip's blog... I've noticed lots of postings from the Label Tulip DT on various websites, and I'm so impressed. Very inspiring!
3. This sketch website... absolutely to die for- even though I have no idea what they're saying.
4. Another sketch website... this one's in English, but the amazing inspiration just as high-quality. I love how they incorporate many different ways of using a single sketch.
5. I would love to do this... I'm really going to start applying to design teams soon. It's my personal goal to be on one- I think they would be super fun.
6. A year in cards- April... Kristina Werner rocks my socks off. Enough said.

That's all for now- thank you very much for stopping by! Leave a comment with your favorite link that inspires you and I'll add it to my next Links post along with a link to your blog. :)



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