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Thursday, July 8, 2010


I was thinking about random things today, and I decided it would be fun to make of list of random things that I do. A list of confessions.

1. This is the cutest note I've ever received. My boyfriend (Matt)'s little brother Eric wrote this to me when I asked to borrow his legos for a technical writing project.
It reads:
To Britta, Hi you can use them but I want em Back!!!
<3 Eric :) :) :) :)
P.S. Matt smells like stinky socks

This kid is awesome.

2. I sent a card back with the legos when I returned them. Word on the street is that Eric liked it. :)
This set from Hero Arts is perfect for boys. Every guy loves animals. This even allowed me to sneak in a bit of pink on the pig. Don't tell Eric, though. Ha. here's a close-up (or two):

Supplies: Cardstock- Papertrey Ink, Stamps- Hero Arts (LL095), Ink- Tsukineko (Memories Black and Versamark Magic Navy), Marker- Marvy Uchida, Corner Rounder- WRMK, White Pen- Signo, Twine- Papertrey Ink.

3. I always press the same number on the soda machine at work. 44. I like it because there are three slots of Mello Yello, and this one is in the middle. I think I've drank that whole row. Oops.

4. Pretty sure I need caffeine to survive.

5. I would probably trade four of my credits from this summer for four hours a week to sit down and scrapbook.

6. I went to a Twins game last week, and it was beautiful.
7. Being home this last weekend was just exactly what I needed. My mom re-decorated my room, and it's gorgeous. My art is hanging everywhere. I love how amazing my mom is at design. I'll share my room with you another day :)
8. I have a coffee cup sitting on my desk that I haven't cleaned in six days. And I don't care.

9. I have a photo critique tonight. This assignment was self-portraits. Here's one of mine that I like. (Click on the image to view it at a bigger size.)
10. I love that you can see my nose ring in that picture. I love my nose ring.

11. I need to work on my yearly 101 Things I Love layout. That's always my favorite thing to look back at a year later. So many things change over time, and there are ones that are always the same. I'm still always me. :)

12. I want to make a series of cards with this paper. I think it would be adorable, and I picked up a sheet of it the other day. :)
13. I haven't folded my four loads of laundry from the weekend yet. They're just sitting on my bedroom floor, taunting me. And you know what? I probably won't fold them tonight.

14. I wore my helmet with my bike for the first time today. I don't even care that it's kind of dorky; it's amazing how much safer I feel (and am!).

15. I would give a pretty large sum of money up to stop time right now so I could take a three hour nap and not lose any time in my busy day.

16. I think the new Lawn Fawn sets are freaking adorable. I'm waiting for my next pay check to buy a few sets, but all of these are the the wishlist: Judy's Blooms, Bake Me a Cake, Critters in the Sea, Sew Lovely, and Petite Florals. Oh boyyy.

17. I just realized that I didn't fill out my timesheet for last week. Oops.

18. I really, really love caffeine.

19. I've been watching 30 Rock on Netflix pretty obsessively lately. I've gone through three seasons in a couple weeks. Considering how much free time I have, that's impressive.

20. I reorganized my boss's vast amounts of books today in his office while he's on vacation, and I had so much fun. I love being organized. I love alphabetizing. And I love books.

I think twenty random things is enough for today. I should go get ready for night class and critique. Fun, fun. Thanks for stopping by! You're the best :)



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~kelly marie~ said...

I love your random things! Thanks for your LF shout out! I love 30 Rock too! I guess I just resonate with a dorky awkward brunette with black rimmed glasses. Hehe!