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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Always in the mood for a challenge.

This last week has been full of various kinds of challenges, but two stick out for me today:

1. Dawn McVey's Challenge #21- Love these colors:

My take:

Supplies: Cardstock- Papertrey Ink (Lemon Tart, Dark Chocolate, Aqua Mist), Ribbon- Papertrey Ink, Sentiment Stamp- Papertrey Ink (Autumn Abundance), Woodgrain Stamp- Hero Arts (S5208), Ink- Papertrey Ink (Vintage Cream) and Colorbox (Brown), Border Punch- Fiskars (Apron Lace).

Another version I did. I don't really like this one for some reason, and I don't know why, but one of my roommates fell in love with it, so I figured I'd share it anyways:

Supplies: Cardstock- Papertrey Ink (Lemon Tart, Dark Chocolate, Aqua Mist, Vintage Cream), Ribbon- Papertrey Ink, Sentiment Stamp- Papertrey Ink (Autumn Abundance), Ink- Papertrey Ink (Vintage Cream), Button- Papertrey Ink (Aqua Mist), Thread- DMC.

 2. My second challenge was definitely skiing yesterday. I think I fell about two dozen times (I'm not even exaggerating... you can ask my friends. Ha.), and I was pretty much terrified the whole time, but I did it! As it turns out, skiing is a heck of a lot easier when you're in sixth grade and only weigh 70 pounds... That was the last time I skied. So today I'm in recovery. Pretty sure every muscle in my body hurts- oh dear! Here was me skiing yesterday (happy because I finally knew how to turn and stop after an hour on the bunny hill):

Seriously, I wish somebody videotaped the wipeouts I took. Painful for me then, but I have a suspicion they would make me roll on the floor laughing today...

Back to work on a few more card while watching some guilty-pleasure American Idol. Ohhh yeah. Have a great night!



P.S. Hehe and no, I'm not engaged. Maybe sometime in the next few years, though. :) I do have a lovely "I love you" ring from my boyfriend that I wear on my right ring finger that was purchased from Modern Meets Whimsy on Etsy. :)


jen said...

Both of your cards are great! I love that woodgrain- and the flower ribbon on the second is really fun!
I've been trying to talk myself into skiing this season too- been a little over 10 years for me- hearing of your 'recovery' today does make me give pause....

Inspired Scrapper said...

super cute cards

Savitri said...

I like the flower card you did. I think it looks great!!! The dimension on it I love too!

Skiing... ha! I did bunny hills and that's about it. Oh, cross country once. I was sore after that!!