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Friday, March 5, 2010

So Inspired.

Really, I haven't been this antsy to create for a while. Of course, this comes at a time where I've been studying for six hours a day and still have papers due next week. Ugh. Only 4 days left for me until spring break though! I'm so excited- my parents are coming up to visit for a long weekend, and then I think I'll travel back with them to Wisconsin for some quality time with my cats and the luxury of having a car. Oh goodness, I'm so excited.

Let's talk about what's inspiring me today... and trust me, there's a lot.

Design Inspiration

I'm in typography this semester, and my new favorite things are ligatures- letters that connect together. They are so beautiful!

This color theory chart sums up the basics of color, and it's pretty to boot. I'm thinking about printing this off poster-sized. :)

These notebooks are yummy; I wish they were sold in the US.

Crafty Inspiration

This is freaking adorable, and I want one. Anyone want to donate to a worthy cause? Haha. (WaysideViolet's etsy store.)

This block is huge- perfect for the big background cling stamps from Hero Arts. I have a feeling the friend's definition background as well as the cling dots might end up finding their way to my apartment in the very near future. And this huge block.

Besides being just simply amazing at everything, Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond also has her own sets of photo actions. Awesome photo actions. For free. I love.

This looks like where I want to live. I'm so excited to go to this antique store, Hunt & Gather in the cities when my parents come up next weekend. My mom and I are going to have the best time ever.

New Products (To Me and to the World) Inspiration

Copics are on the top of my list. Why? Jennifer McGuire. That wonderful lady forces me to buy all these products because of how good she makes them look. And, darn it, I love every single thing I buy on her recommendation. 

Like these. Holy wow. And I have this stamp set, so Copics are the next logical choice, right? Right.

These charts that Jennifer made are fab, and I'll definitely be using them to point me in the right direction. This blog post that she did about copics is awesome- so much information!

My blogging buddy, Courtney Baker, is opening up her own store tomorrow with her own stamp set to kick it off. I love it! I'll definitely supporting her business. Check out her blog: now only is she super nice, but her work is fantastic, and her video about the ribbons her store will carry made my mouth water. I'm all over that satin ribbon!

Papertrey Ink is getting ready for another whirlwind release on the 15th, and I absolutely can't wait. This stamp preview already has me excited!

Scrapbooking and Cardmaking Inspiration

Breathtaking. Wow!

Sunshiny and perfect. So many cute techniques on this one!

Oh goodness. I love, love, love.

Lucy's style is unmistakable and so very elegant.

Another clean & simple card that I love. Does that surprise anyone? :)

Completely Random Inspiration

The latest thing I'm working on karate. I don't think I've every done something this stress-relieving in my entire life. It's amazing. Maybe I'll be a yellow belt soon, but for now I'm still a white belt. :)

So thanks for hanging in there- whew, that was a long post! Well worth it, though. I hope these things strike a cord with you and inspire you to create today. I'm going to go make things. 

Love x100,

p.s.- I think I'm going to try to work on a new blog scheme this weekend. We'll see just how inspired I am to do that. haha.


Jeff said...

Thanks for linking to my color theory poster, Brit. Glad you like it! Great finds in this post too, btw.

Jennifer said...

you made me giggle. ;)

Tiffany said...

Absolutely lovely inspiration, I can see how you could love all of these things, so beautiful! Best of luck on all of your papers and wishing you a fun and safe Spring Break, yay!

Courtney Baker said...

Hey girl thanks so much for the shout out! So sweet! Oh and I'm a red belt in ty kwon do. Random huh. It's great exercise!

Operation Write Home said...

Wowsers, one long post but soooo full of inspiration, thanks!

I wanted to let you know too that Operation Write Home is having another bloghop - play along with us if you can! It should be tons of fun (and you'll hopefully see yummy copic work along the way too!)


Take care! And continue lovin' those ligatures...one of my fave things in design school too :)