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Monday, September 1, 2008

Manic in Minneapolis...

It may be implied that this last week has been crazy. College is so surreal most of the time that it's hard to even explain. Of course, I lost my camera as soom as I got here to move in, but it's on its way back to me as I type. Here are some cell phone pictures of our College Day activity for the College of Design- we got to go downtown to the Historic Bridge and the surrounding areas. It's absolutely gorgeous there! My favorites were The Guthrie Theater (the views and art there are AMAZING) and the Mill City Museum (possibly the coolest place I've ever been). If you're ever, ever in the Twin Cities Area, you must travel to those attractions. Here are a few cell pictures...

{Mill City Museum}

{The Guthrie Theater}

{Historic Bridge}

{Mariucci Arena}
We went here for Convocation and a guest speaker. I'm going to spending a lot of time in this great hockey arena this year. :)
{The Metrodome}
Our season opener was a huge success, not to mention a really great time. I love attending a Big 10 school! With our first win, we tied our number of wins from last year. We're on a roll! I bought season tickets...
So those are just some of the recent festivities. I'm having the time of my life...

And don't worry, I'm scheduling time to scrapbook on Friday. Woohoo!



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