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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Australia, Part 5.

The Rocks Market. A place full of little gems and new experiences.
There were a ton of stands selling street food. It all looked so delicious, but we had just eaten so we didn't stop to wait in the long lines. I have no idea what the food above is, but I know I want to eat some.
Hands-down, my favorite part of the market was being able to talk to the artists themselves. Besides picking up a beautiful glass pendant for my mom, my friend buying a leaf necklace where leaves are taken and then covered very carefully with gold, and three of these beautiful scenes from Deb Broughton. She was adorable and so nice! Here's a link to her website.
Then Sara, her friend Matt, and I went to a pub near the market for some "cheap" beer for happy hour. The deal was 7 dollars for a 500 mL beer. It was delicious and wayyy more expensive than a beer would be in the states. Ha. It was nice that the drinking age was 18 in Australia. We could just have beers with dinner. It was great. :)
Franzikaner Pale was our ale of choice. It was delicious! It was about this moment that I started my love affair with pale, fruity beers.
Sara and Matt with our huge happy hour glasses.
On the way home to cook dinner, we stopped at the grocery store. I still find it weird that "lemonade" is really what we'd consider lemon-lime soda. I guess it makes sense?
 That night, we went out for a night on the town in the sketchy Kings Cross area of Sydney. The bars there were huge and exciting, and I have never seen so many people out partying in the city like that. We went to the World Bar, where they serve all of their drinks in tea pots. This was one of my favorite floors- it had legos on the wall put together to look like space invaders. Awesome!
This is the famous/infamous three-story Coca-Cola billboard that is the landmark of the Kings Cross part of town. It lit up the entire block.

So this was our adventure through art and beer. Up next: I finally get to eat my beloved fish and chips. Yesss.

Thank you for stopping by today! I'll be back tomorrow with more Australia pics and a card to share as well.




Tiffany said...

Love these photos, what a delightful scene from daytime to night...those open food markets are the BEST!! I love chowing down at those places..hehehe!

Anonymous said...

You're so lucky you got to go to Australia! I'm dyinggg to go there! Glad you had fun! :)