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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A new place.

Today consists of much planning for our new apartment. It's only about a month until we move in, so my and my three friends started putting together ideas and talking about how we're going to manage all of our stuff. :) At 10:11:12, this is what my floor looked like:
I hope you'll join this fun project and take part tonight at 10:11. I promise it'll be fun. :)

Here are some photos I found on Flickr that I find really inspiring:
How cool would it be to have a chalkboard wall in the bathroom? I know our ceilings are cement, so there is already chalk written on them. :)I found an awesome vintage desk yesterday on Craigslist, and I'm hoping I can make it look as cute as this one.
This just makes me happy. I love the bright colors and open organization.

I'm on an organizing kick, so I've been staring at my supplies all day instead of creating with them. Ha- hopefully I'll be less distracted tomorrow. Have a wonderful afternoon!



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elizabeth said...

Awesome! Thanks for playing :) I LOVE your style